REBECOMING is dedicated to understanding and unlocking the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness through clinical research into the mechanism-of-action behind trauma release.

What Does That Mean, in Layman’s Terms?

In order for trauma to be durably released it is necessary for the individual to enter a Non-Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC). Our experience has shown that only in this way can the core issues hidden within the psyche be revisited, experienced and released. In this way the behavioral symptoms resulting from the unresolved core-issues are neutralized.

In short, this means that we are trying to prove an entirely new thesis about how people may heal from the traumatic events that have led to their psychological issues. 

The idea that trauma is the primary cause of many of the psychological issues from which people suffer, and that this trauma is stored in the body and that it can only be released by entering a Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, is not widely accepted. Furthermore, the release mechanism-of-action that we are describing and proposing to study is currently unacknowledged by the psycho-medical field. We are respectfully suggesting that this research, if it proves the hypothesis, will bring coherence to work with trauma.

Even though there is an immense amount of anecdotal and experiential evidence that indicates our premise is correct, there is very little primary research on this. We are at the boundaries of science, and this project was created to begin the primary research that can show--or not--that our thesis is correct.